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Hubaal is a business that provides decor & event management for wedding, birthdays & engagement parties.

Daldhis is a business that manufactures building bricks for construction.

Kifaax, a startup that supplies high quality Bricks for construction that is locally sourced

Dhismo kaab, startup that provides decor and event management.

Garaad Kobciye is a startup that trains artisans and technicians with the latest skills needed in the market and connects them with employment opportunities.

Dhisma Caawiye is a startup that hires and rents construction equipment to businesses in the construction industry.

Bidhaan is a startup that manufactures high-quality tiles for construction. An alternative to the imported tiles that are locally made & of high quality.

Bilicwanaag is a startup that supplies high-quality bricks to construction companies that is affordable and environmentally friendly.

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