Types of financial support


Money received without any obligation to pay back includes donation, grant, award and sponsorship.


barrowed money from individuals, organization and financial institutions must be paid back with profit or non-profit is depend on amount of barrowed, the agreement rate and duration.


Money received in exchange for a share of your business and earing return based on profit of the business.

Who is eligible?

Idea or pre-startup Stage

The development or seed stage is the beginning of the business lifecycle. This is when your brilliant idea is merely just a thought and will require a round of testing in its initial stage.

Startup Stage

During this stage, you will be tweaking your products or services according to the initial feedback from your first paying customers and market demand.

Growth stage

The business is consistently generating revenue and adding new customers. These recurring revenues will help pay for your operating expenses and open up new business opportunities. 

Maturity Stage

Your business has been a thriving company and established its presence in the industry. You have now reached the stage in which your business will expand and spread its roots into new markets and distribution channels.

Who Can Invest?
Our Pool of fund

Kobciye Fund allows individual investors

financial institution and donors to support or buy shares, while also offering a set of features that maximize one’s investment experience. With Kobciye fund, you can invest in innovative startups and business with as little as $500 USD.
Our network of partners extends investment opportunities and provides the tools needed for a sensible investment decision.

Who does the Assessment ?

An Independent industry expert provide unbiased assessment of all startups raising funds on Kobciye Fund. Each startup raising funds on Kobciye Fund undertakes a rigorous due diligence process conducted by the panel of independent experts.

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